Over the years we’ve helped startups build and launch their business strategies, technologies, operations, brand, marketing & sales efforts.

Our team is made of experienced strategists, creatives, and engineers. The LUPC team of experts uses only the most battle-tested, agile processes — so when it comes to your features and products, we’ll be thinking in terms of days and weeks, instead of months and years.


Liquid UPC offers a variety of  innovation programs & workshops designed to inspire the company and it’s employees to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. We define a series of design challenges and we then lead the participants through an intensive workshops where we work together to analyze the challenge, build a customer/user persona, use creative thinking to generate tons of ideas, build business models, road maps and prototypes, validate the ideas through interviewing, and finally pitch the final product/concept to relevant internal stakeholders.
The workshop challenges participants to learn new modes of team based problem solving, to iterate quickly and get bring new ideas to life. Workshop participants walk away with a huge boost of entrepreneurial confidence and a new set of practical innovation tools.

Liquid UPC will also conduct series of Assessments were we gather critical information needed to piece together the complex puzzle to create, develop, grow and optimize a working business model.

The combination of workshops and assessments will provide your organization a road map to drive success!


Our creative minds, innovative techniques and passionate team loves Startups and Companies who are rebuilding their infrastructure. We invest in entrepreneurs  & companies who understand their industry, but who have either not done technology before or are at a grass roots effort to construct a new approach.

As an option, Liquid UPC focuses on the acceleration of these startups by figuring out creative ways to  funding the development of the technology allowing for the business to focus on growth and less the heavy investment of technology.  We will take the headache out of R&D.

Liquid UPC Designs and Builds Scalable, Secure Online Products for a range of different customers remaining industry agnostic. Whether you’re a Startup building a new Product, or a enterprise company building the next business intelligence tool for an industry, we’re able to build a roadmap to fulfill your requirements today while building for your vision.