Customer Relationship Management

The trick to managing your overall business operations!

CRM Centralized Company Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides your team with a 360-degree “Life Journey” customer view, (account and contact records) used for sales management, marketing management to help-desk solutions. See all of a customer online transactions from each APP in one centralized view. Leverage data for marketing automation and conversion. This APP is the secret to how companies increase sales, growth and overall customer satisfaction.

Tracking a Customer’s Life Journey!

It’s just not that simple anymore. From the initiation of a lead to prospect, to developing a customer, to retaining a customer, the overall journey over time tends to be complex. The interactions of a customer’s journey can take place from emails, campaigns, reservations, schedules, online orders, sales calls, customer support or really anything that a customer technically interacts with. Let the CRM do the hard work and track everything end to end to gain the intelligence you need!

Highlighted Features

Is your Customer Data Centralized?

Spreadsheets, emails, text messages paper notes, not good. All these sources may allow your team to manage the business but lacks scalability for your customer service, sales and marketing interactions. Visibility is limited to the overall customers journey and their many interactions. A CRM provides your entire organization a single, central source to easily access data that will support your organization and increase the overall success of your customer engagement.

Unable to manage prospects & leads effectively?

The challenge of managing new prospects, leads and opportunities causes customer frustration, loss of business and non-efficient sales and marketing efforts. CRM automation gives your sales team the necessary tools to develop a positive relationship for your customers to maximum their potential income for your business. The CRM will empower your organization at all level

Are your Customer and Sales managed effectively?

Monitor your customers and or sales team from any device to help manage performance. Manage data in real time to keep accurate information and take immediate action when needed. Track how your overall business performance, forecasting, pipeline or down to a specific company or individual contact record, it is all here at your fingertips!

Customer Service Challenges?

Getting customers is tough enough as it is. The last thing you want is to lose them due to sub-par service. If you find that your customer service team spends more time reacting to customer complaints than proactively anticipating customer needs, it might be time to invest in a CRM system. Being able to effectively having a unified view of your customer creates the opportunity to wow your clients with spectacular service — and keeps them coming back.

Our CRM instantly connect to the following Management APPs

√   Member Management
√   Scheduling Management
√   eCommerce Management
√   Housing & Room Block Management
√   Event Registration Management
√   Course & Booking Management
√   Marketing Management
√   Reporting & Business Intelligence

Customer Relationship Management

The trick to managing your overall business operations!