Membership Management

End to End Customized Membership Automation

Automate your Member Management regardless of the complexity or size of your organization. If you need a solution to manage members subscription, create various memberships, control member based pricing or access to various items such as schedules, courses or products, for example, we got you covered.

We empower your members to control their accounts with self-service functions, modules and features relevant to the desired experience. With seamless integration to our CRM (Customer Relationship Management), we have a full 360 view of a member journey.

Our Goal is to empower your organization by automating subscription dues, member registration, member management, in addition, to access control with various modules such as scheduling, purchasing items or even booking their hotel room we got it all under control.

Auto email notifications along with customized emails will help create efficiency in communicating with your members end to end through their journey.

Let us help by understand your requirements and features needed to management your Member Database. Contact us Today!


Automation of Memberships

√  Increase Member Retention & Dues Revenue
√  New Membership Aquisition
√  Centralized Management
√  Dues Renewals
√  Secure Database

Typical Uses of Member Automation

√  Manage Events specific to Members
√  Specific Member Pricing
√  Schedule specific to member types
√  Member specific products
√  Social communities specific to membership

Highlighted Features

Wizard Setup

Straightforward easy-to-use wizard makes setting up multiple memberships types easy to manage from start to finish.

Member Management

Create unlimited memberships both private and public. Decide the appropriate business rules, pricing increments and billing cycle. Add various content including membership specific legal terms and customized fields to ensure you meet your compliance needs.

Pricing Increments

Different Memberships requires various pricing increments. This means that if you have a membership or subscription you may want to showcase the price as a per day, week, month or year. However, this is not to be confused to when you chose to bill which very well may be different.

Billing Cycle

Billing cycles control the frequency of when you bill a specific membership. So even though you may price daily, you very well may be able to choose to bill weekly or possibly monthly. The choice is up to you to fit your business needs.

One Time Fee's

Create the ability to have one time fees per membership. This can be for application processing fees or configured for whatever you choose.

Self Service Account Management

Our membership management can be utilized as a stand alone tool to simply provide your members ease to control their billing and management. For more scalability and combined with other modules, members when logged in can manage their schedules, orders, courses and have complete visibility of their environment within your solution.

Custom Features

Power is when your membership has the ability to align itself with the business scales. Let us build a timeless relationship to streamline your business process to take you into the future.

Form Builder

Membership, Subscription, Product forms are key to converting your guest, building clients and lifetime members. The key is to maximize data collection during the sign up process. Whether the form creates an account for a simple trial member or if you go through a series of data fields, we allow you to manage duplications, required fields and even request new fields to ensure a proper user experience.

Real Time Reporting

24/7 Real time reporting means you have complete visibility to your memberships with endless dashboard capability. Let the technology enhance your member experience, convert prospects to leads and leads to clients. Manage the success of subscription products. Access your data real-time or downloadable; the reporting and notifications that will ultimately to Increase your conversions to improve the bottom line.

Policies, Terms & Conditions

For every membership you can create separate content to be used for policies, terms & conditions. The power to have your legal acceptance with a simple click.

Payment Management

Manage various payment types based on the items your are booking or scheduling. Acceptable on any device, we integrate into your merchant or you can use ours. Process both online and offline payments. Add our membership management to offer specific member pricing and payment options.

Tell us your membership needs and let our team help make it easy for you!