Reporting & Business Intelligence

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Understanding your customer and business is the key. Reporting and Business Intelligence Dashboards provide actionable insights into your entire business. This includes operations, sales, and marketing efforts. Your team will now have the necessary information to grow your business and achieve your goals.

Don’t be a Statistic: 67% of Small & Medium businesses don’t know whether their marketing efforts work. 47% of business have internal inefficiencies. Business, in general, have a data challenge to report accurately and make well-educated decisions.


Reporting or production reporting, is a method by which reports are distributed within an organization to provide users with support for their work. Generally, reports are primarily text and table based, and periodically include visual components. More often than not, these reports are managed offline, scheduled or on demand and tend to be used on a more regular basis. It’s important to note that reports can be lengthy and span multiple pages. As a result, the creation of reports can be a bit more complex requiring a more technical user. Reports are, in summation, commonly comprised of background data and other decision informing information. Typically organizations utilize systems to export data to excel and model offline reports.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Conversely, dashboards present the most important information required to achieve specific business objectives, at a glance. They are designed for at-a-glance monitoring. Generally, a dashboards’ objective is to present all necessary content on one screen and drive decision making without overwhelming the eye. A dashboard will focus on visual, interactive features and will allow users to physically ‘drill’ into information. Dashboards predominantly focus on decision driving, rather than informing, and are targeted at Key Performance Indicators, or other decision-driving information. Dashboards are typically found within technology platforms for realtime data and sometimes utilize third-party platforms for more complex BI Analysis when multiple data sources are required.

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Endless Reports & Dashboards to support your business!

Stock Reporting / BI

Our reporting Library is always evolving. Per product, app or platform, we provide you access to various dashboard and reports to help run your business!

Unlimited Possibilities

One of the key advantages our technology offers is the ability to create specific dashboards and reports to suit your needs. Simply tell us your business goals, challenges and objectives and our expert BI team design will create exactly what you need.

Eye-catching Layouts

Not only do most of our reports and dashboard work on most devices, but we also can take pride to create eye-catching displays to help your team make fast decisions on the go yielding value to your overall teams and audiences.

Predict the future before it happens.

Interesting in going BIG? We can consume endless amounts of data from various data sources, this truly will power your decisions both today and in the future. Our evolution of your data will provide that fortune teller you dream about today!

Highlighted Features

Module Specific Dashboards

Regardless of the selected set of modules you choose, we offer a general dashboard to help target the key areas of your business.

Reporting in Detail

Specific modules offer highly detailed interactive reports to manage the day to day business.

Advanced Filtering

Search functionality allows you to not only look for specific data but also allows the ability to filter and sort dynamically.

Responsive Design

Viewing without limits. See various reporting and dashboards on desktops, laptop, tablets, and even smartphones.

Data Import & Export

We know that Excel never will go away, so we empower you to extract data and import data for full scalability.

Software Integrations

Need more data analysis beyond our platform, No Problem! We offer the power to pull data from over 1000’s other software solutions!

Data Analysis

Do you have dirty data or lots of data but don’t know how t0 analyze it? No worries, our team can not only offer guidance but can take this challenge off your hands completely.

Data Architects / Consultants

No data challenges are an issue for us. We have no limits to the data quantity. “you can’t give us enough!” Our expert team can help you with any data needs.