Understanding technology & Innovation is Key

Are looking at technology to improve your business efficiencies, but are challenged to find a solution that is scalable, allows other technologies to work together, and data that’s secure?


Millions of transactions entrust us with their critical data, so we emphasize security at all levels. We go beyond the minimum requirements to ensure that data is secure at the physical, network, host, and application levels


Our technology platform is built with innovation in mind to optimize the business. We use modern architecture, allowing for robust scalability, reliability and availability to use out of the box, white label or customize. Need to integrate to other internal or external applications, No problem. What makes us succeed is our ability to scale fast, with a continuous effort to evolve our technology based on client feedback and industry research. In short, we got you covered in the short and long run


Integrations enables your organization to connect other software. This provides the business scalability with other awesome technologies as you grow. We can also connect to other systems using our API and Webhooks options, or you can create a custom integration using your development experts or ours.

Modern Design

The power is at your fingertips. Our technology is fully responsive, meaning we do not restrict you or your web traffickers from using any device as long as you have an internet connection. We understand the importance to carry over design elements from your client, event or whatever. Therefore, you can match the brand colors, logo and images with (no HTML or CSS knowledge). Think Global, we have the flexibility to configure to different languages and theme designs empowering your user experience.

  • Hourly backups of customer data stored in different geographic locations
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • Single & double authenticated encrypted passwords, account lockout and password expiration
  • Data encryption and transmission via Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology
  • PCI Compliance
  • A full-time staff of physical and network security personnel
  • Data hosted in a top-tier, world-class data center with fault tolerant, redundant servers

Partnerships help compliment our solution!