Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool to establish a relationship with your clients to convert them and retain them.

Our experts will work with you to build an effective strategy to communicate with potential new and existing customers. We will help define a target approach, campaign calendar and measure results. Our goal will be to target key objectives, improve design and content to maximize conversion rates.


Display Advertising and video advertising now play an important role in a mixed marketing strategy. Bring your target audience closer to your brand in an engaging and measurable way.

Since the early 2000’s, Internet has completely changed the way we are doing advertisement. Internet has modified the way in which people are informed and how they are exposed to media and advertising. These days, most online consumer will do their search on the Web to make a decision on which company or product they will buy. This is when Display Advertising is seen.


Customers are doing their search on the Web to research and make decisions on which products to buy and from whom. Pay-Per-Click ads are seen on Google, Bing or Yahoo. You pay only for relevant traffic: limited by geography, your keywords and your daily budget.

Which search engine is right for you?

When it is time to do your paid search, do business with experienced professionals who will advise you according to your needs. The Liquid UPC team will provide you with the most efficient search engine marketing strategy that will give quick results.

Google represents 92.51% of all searches. This is by far the most popular search engine and a must. Google AdWords allows you to be well positioned quickly and to pay only for clicks. Google also has a nice offer at display advertising and Google Shopping.



Liquid UPC will partner with you to build a complete SEO strategy, as this is critical to grow your business and minimize marketing expenses. Buyer beware of the agencies that promise you a large amount of incoming links with a low price. Although these short-term low quality inbound links will help your search engine rankings, in the long run, you will be penalized and soon return to square one. It’s always best to focus on quality over quantity.

SEO is no easy task, here is how we go about building out your SEO:

  • Analysis of your website to get a first impression and to understand its structure and objectives. Our team will then use our tools and detect potential problems with your website and inbound links to your website. Finally, we check your current position on the search engines and the level of competition so we know where to begin.
  • Keywords Strategy is all about the use strategic terms and selecting the good keywords is crucial. The choice is vital to your success. First, we must make an inventory of potential keywords that is likely to bring you return on investment. Next, we analyze these keywords based on several criteria: your current position, the level of competition, the potential return on investment and the level of difficulty of the keyword in achieving an interesting position. Finally, we make a selection of keywords and develop an action plan to implement.
  • Optimization your website for SEO has always been an important factor in the eyes of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Your website optimization might not only help your SEO, but it will potentially help your AdWords campaigns to perform better. These changes will also aim to improve the way you are seen on search engines (SERP), which can greatly impact your approach with the consumer.
  • Tracking Results is key to measure the impact. Here are some tools that are part of everyday life. Google and Bing Webmaster Tools – Tools offered by Google and Bing tell us how these search engines crawl your website and index it. If the search engines find any problems or if you are penalized, this is where everything can be resolved. Google Analytics – We be used to analyze a number of your Website statistics, including traffic sources and quality of visits (bounce rate, time per visit, conversion rates, etc.)

Add life to your business with Video!

High-quality video production will add a unique touch to your business website. A video is an ideal opportunity to talk your products, customer reviews, services and will help your google rankings when posted on YouTube. Personalization through video, your prospects and current customers will be able to put a clear image (or face) on the product or service they are seeking.


Social media marketing is an tool to use when you wish to engage in conversations with your audience. Social Media helps in building brand recognition and brand loyalty. The challenge most business face is lack approach. Therefore, Social only works if you have a strategy that you can follow. Our team will assist our social media services on helping businesses develop strategies that help you attract, engage and develop new customers.



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