Complex Scheduling Made Easy!

Scheduling is a key component in thousands of businesses. The core requirement, Time Management, is used to control the amount of time spent to complete this task. Let us introduce you to the power of “Next Generation Scheduling”. This will increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity!
Regardless of your business, we have found that the complexity is in the details of the business objectives as they relate to scheduling. The fact is when the schedule of time is missed, it’s lost forever unless you own a time machine. Therefore, when the business needs to operate efficiently and time is the requirement, we look deeper into the business needs and rules to ensure proper scheduling occurs in a responsive way on any device.

The platform does not require you to have or build a separate app. It is powerful enough to be responsive which means you can use the scheduling and back end administration on any device. Even on a SmartWatch!

Highlighted Features

Wizard Setup

Straightforward easy-to-use wizard allows setup of unlimited categories along with programs, time slots, products and memberships you wish to schedule.

Category Management

Create unlimited categories to group your offerings, products or services you wish to schedule. Assign each products to category and assign category to membership type allowing you to empower your audience and simply the scheduling experience.

Items Management

Create unlimited items. An item is a product, program, service, or name for time you wish to schedule. When you create an item include content, pictures, pricing tiers and increments, schedule increments and the list goes on.

Inventory Management

Manage the inventory per scheduled item. Inventory of items can be temporarily taken off the website when the item is in use, however when returned the quantity goes to the original state. The means that you have the power to decide if inventory is replacement or not.

Payment Management

Manage various payment types based on the items your are booking or scheduling. Acceptable on any device, we integrate into your merchant or you can use ours. Process both online and offline payments. Add our membership management to offer specific member pricing and payment options.

Responsive Design

Design without limits. Empower your guests to schedule through any device that has connection to the internet. No need for customer Apps when our platform adjusts for you.

Advanced Two Tier Scheduling

Scheduling an appointment for a haircut is a simple task as you are blocking a single item to estimate the time needed to get the job done. Scheduling a Kitchen requires a complex approach. Not only is the room included, but each item in the kitchen can be scheduled. We build multi-tier schedules for your business to maximize income.

Scheduling Website

If you do not have an existing website, you can create custom branded site to support your scheduling needs. Or we integrate into your existing content management platform such as an example WordPress.

Form Builder

Scheduling process varies which means the form fields could vary per item, collection and the sign up process. Whether you are scheduling a free course where limited information is needed or your scheduling the use of a Kitchen, we allow you to modify the form and business rules accordingly.

Data Import & Export

We know that Excel never will go away, so we empower you to extract data and import data for full scalability.

Policies, Terms & Conditions

Create terms & conditions and policies that will be displayed per item if need throughout the reservation process. This allows for safety, compliance and legal acceptance based on the time of the reservation.

Reservation Management

Have complete control of your reservations or simply allow the platform to automate them for you. Change the status, pricing or reschedule accordingly.

Facebook Booking

For businesses that are highly dependent on Social Media, we understand and allow booking appointments to take place right from the third party site. Networkers have the ability to book appointments, purchase various products and view marketing promotions on demand.

Let our team show you the power of “Next Generation Scheduling!”